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Location Recording

Location Recording demands the highest-quality equipment, both reliable and stable yet transportable. With our variety of gear and scalable systems, we are able to fulfil every need with the highest flexibility.

HHB Portadat
portable DAT-Recorder

Portable 64 channel recording system

ProTools Digi003
Portable ProTools recording system with up to 18 tracks

Studer D19 MicAD 
8 channel microphone preamplifier and A/D converter

Studer A1
active portable reference speakers

Red/Green light
portable telephone system with four lines
6x PMR walkie-talkies


But the best recording systems also demand the highest-quality microphones. With our microphone selection, we can guarantee the most detailed signal transformation possible, optimised to the recording requirements.,

3x DPA 4006 AE, omni
2x DPA 4006, omni
4x DPA 4015, wide cardioid
2x DPA 4060, omni

2x CMC 6 MK 4, cardioid
4x CMC 5 MK 4, cardioid
2x MK2s, omni
KC5g active cable

3x TLM 50,omni
4x TLM 170, switcheable characteristics
6x KM 184, cardioid

MKH50, figure-of-eight
MKH8040, cardioid
Sennheiser active tubes

2x C451 CK2, omni
2x C460 CK2, omni
active cables and tubes
2x C480 CK62, cardioid


Our post-production studio meets the demands of modern multichannel audio production. Our selection of mixing desk plus digital audio workstations allows us flexible workflow with any kind of ingest material.

Mixing Desk
Studer D950s
Digital surround mixing desk, 24 fader, 300 inputs/outputs

Digitale Audio Workstations
SADiE H64 V6 64channel MADI
Wavelab 7

Monitoring Surround
Studer A-Series

Monitoring Stereo
Klein & Hummel o300D
Genelec S30B

Quantec Yardstick 2402
Quantec Yardstick 2492
TC R4000
Lexicon 300
Klark Teknik DN380

Players and Recorders
Studer A62 analogue openreel ¼"
Studer A807 analogue openreel ¼"analogue openreel ¼"
Studer A810 analogue openreel ¼"
EMT 930 studio-record player
2x Studer A730 Studio CD-player
Sony PCM 7010 Studio-DAT recorder

Quality Control
DK Audio MSD600++ modular audio meter




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